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Holistic Health Herbal Consultations

Reclaiming our Roots is dedicated to helping support you in your journey of health & healing. The idea is that we have the ability to support our own healing process by connecting to the innate wisdom of the body and the earth. I offer a variety of healing modalities to help support you in that process. 
My first love is herbal medicine! We can work together to find the plants that will work with you and your body. Plants offer deep nutrition to help balance and bring the body back to center. This can be physically, emotionally or spiritually. Plants are also great when working with acute symptoms of dis-ease. This is often the bodies way of showing us that we are out of balance. 
Along with personalized herbal preparations, I also offer body work. I am now offering CranioSacral body work as well as Reiki. I have my CranioSacral 1 certificate through the Upledger institute ( and have recently added Reiki level 1 to the mix. Learning these body work practices has been quite a remarkable journey and I am so excited to be able to offer this as part of my practice.
During a consultation we will look at the whole picture of your heath concerns. From there we will work together to find supportive approaches that help support your overall health. My approach is holistic and will blend my experience as an herbalist and my background in nursing. Together we will craft a plan to support your health and wellbeing using a blend of herbal medicine, lifestyle, emotional, spiritual & other integrative approaches. 


Initial Consultations are about an 1 to 1 1/2 hours $115

Follow up or Acute Consultations are about 30 minutes $30

Cranio Sacral Only Session 1hour $60


I do offer a sliding scale pricing in order to make holistic medicine more accessible, so please inquire if you need an appt and cannot afford the cost above. 

Please contact me to schedule an herbal consultation or for more information!

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